Because we specialize in legal videography, we are able to offer exceptional service in the following areas:

Videotaped Depositions
Digital / S-VHS / VHS / DVCam
Day in the life Documentaries
Mediation / Settlement Brochures
Specifically designed for maximum impact with minimum expense.

Digital Non-Linear and Linear.
Courtroom Presentations
State-of-the-Art equipment arranged in the courtroom. We tailor our courtroom presentations to suit the particular requirements of your case, including projectors, monitors, computers, and visual presenters.
Videotape & Transcript Synchronization
Featuring transcript and video synchronization complete with stand-alone auto run viewer; no additional software required - plays automatically. Search, highlight, edit, export and email clips directly from the synchronized disc. Exports to many synchronization programs. We also offer a full range of other synchronization software options.
DVD Indexing
New technology enables us to reduce the amount of time you spend searching a DVD for a particular scene or segment by Indexing. Go directly to the introduction of a specific exhibit or an examination by referring to the menu at the beginning of the disc.
Elmo/Doar Visual Presenter
Digital Used in depositions, trial presentations and video conferencing.
Multi-Camera Videotaping/Video Mixing
Still Photography
Videotaped Will Signing